Bury Me Video Premiered on Brokelyn!

We were super excited to have our new "Bury Me" video premiered on Brooklyn's very own Brokelyn.com by the wonderful Kelly McClure! Check it out!

They also said some super awesome shit about us, we're totally not lying....

"Freya Wilcox & The Howl are a Brooklyn based band that teeter on the pinnacle between blues and punk. I say “pinnacle” there instead of “edge” because “edge” sounds careless and “pinnacle” is just more sophisticated and thoughtful in this instance. This band has seen some shit, and they’re not just gonna go around stepping on cracks, they’ve got one foot firmly planted on one slope, and the other planted on the opposite side.

Like acrobats on a  pyramid. A gold pyramid that says “I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass” on the front of it in glittery paint. They’re up there firmly balanced, playing their songs, and strewn around at the bottom of the pyramid are a bunch of other bands who tried to scale the sides but failed because, aside from not being as good, they didn’t have the balls Freya Wilcox did to email someone like me and be like “I like you, maybe you’ll wanna write about my band.” Bravery and balance always wins. Hasn’t Game of Thrones taught you anything? 

Singer/guitarist Freya Wilcox describes her band’s sound as a “raspy, rocky scathey thing” so we were compelled to ask … “Can you describe the last time you were screaming mad?” Here’s what she said:

“The week before we left for  tour I had a crazy few days; my grandfather in Australia died, work got crazy stressful, and I had to scramble to get a stamp in my passport that would allow me to go to Montreal to play Pouzza Fest, because some asshole stole my green card from the mail.

I went down to the immigration department on my lunch break where a super mean little woman told me there was no way I could get a last-minute appointment without a family emergency (in hindsight I should have lied but it didn’t occur to me), and that I could go to Canada but there was no getting back into the US for me. I was FURIOUS and totally snapped. I went outside and cried in front of City Hall for an hour or so, I’m pretty sure like 5 double-decker busses went by this little crying punk girl on the sidewalk…

When I went back the next day to try again the SAME woman was super nice to me and gave me an appointment asap. WTF right? I can only assume that I have a vibrator to thank for that stamp in my passport, but man am I stoked that I didn’t have to cancel our first festival date!!”

See? 100% warriors."

See? Amazing right???