Named One of the 10+ Acts That Make NYC's Punk Scene Better Than Yours

The gorgeous folks over at Dying Scene have given me the great honor of a very solid shoutout in their rundown of the NYC punks that are stirring things up around town - which is pretty fantastic considering they're basing this decision on my solo EP alone!

So thanks guys, I've definitely never been called a 'whiskey-soaked angel' before, but I think I'll demand that my friends call me that in future. 

If you want to keep on top of the world of punk and its weirdo relatives, go like the Dying Scene Facebook page so that you can act like you're better than your friends when you know about the best and brightest Philly ska/punk children's band or whatever. 

Read the full article here to get your fill of NYC punks!

Alright, Wilcox OUT!