Freya Wilcox & The Howl

Cutting Brooklyn Blues-Punk with a Road Rash Howl.

When a couple of Long Island punks walked into Manhattan's darkest dive bar to find an Aussie blues singer howling from behind a beat up guitar, one of NYC's most unique new punk bands was born.

Before long, Freya's grated ironies and violent bluesy riffs were sitting right at home atop a rhythm section of equally sarcastic and surprisingly talented twenty-somethings, spreading songs about lying to lovers, falling for assholes and fighting for all the wrong things.

Due to release their debut LP in the spring of 2016, Freya Wilcox & The Howl will continue their rampage through the US in typical Freya style, loudly.

What's Freya's Deal?

A guitarist since age 10, reared in regional Australia and left to roam amongst the muddy boots of folk festival crowds her whole life; Freya grew to bring ruthless playing and haggard melodies to the blues with an authenticity rarely seen and dearly missed in the age of autotune.

After leaving a job digging holes and playing on stoops in dusty mining camps, Freya moved to a small Bushwick apartment and learn about unemployment and freezing temperatures, before finding some bands to have her and disgracing stages across the US. Thus far she has played in The House of Blues LA, Gramercy Theater, Sullivan Hall, and many dives and dark places, alone or with Calico Jackson, Makeshift Spurs & Guillotine Riot.