"Calling this band the Howl is a remarkable statement of intent as this is indeed music that howls …It also screams, bites, spits and bristles with an almost unrestrained wildness." - Rock Bottom Review

"The Australian-born Wilcox has the voice of a raw, whiskey-soaked angel." - Dying Scene

"100% Warriors" - Brokelyn

"Utterly raw and hauntingly beautiful." - AXS

"It wasn’t just how Freya portrayed herself on stage, it’s that she did it with such confidence. She owned the stage. She also owned her guitars, which led her to break two Es and an A on two separate guitars in one set. Yeah, I swooned there too." - For the Love of Punk

"[Freya Wilcox & The Howl] will leave you feeling all kinds of happy and empowered—basically you’ll feel like a total rocker badass after just one listen." - ORSVP

"Her gritty sound sets her apart from the other punk/blues outfits, grabbing you by the knickers from the very first note." Sound Scene Express

"She has a strong and commanding stage presence, and her songs remind me of a young Joan Jett." - Punk Out


Tooth & Nail